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Should "Homeless" exist there In any city of India ?

Should Homeless Exist There In Any City of India?  


More than a lakh of India’s urban population became homeless in the last decade, according to the census summary. Although, we are taking new and progressive strides in various areas such as technology, research, business and so on, the problem of urban homeless is getting grave day by day.


The Figures Speak –


·         Urban India has 9.42 lakh homeless people with an increase of 1.64 lakh over 2001 census figures.

·         NCT Delhi recorded 95.5 growth rate in its urban homeless population in the last decade.

·         Andhra Pradesh recorded the highest growth in urban homeless; the state capital has more than 4000 

          homeless people living on the streets.


Major reason behind this increasing problem of urban homeless is the large scale migration from rural areas to cities. Apart from this, other reasons are lack of affordable housing, seasonal unemployment, economic hardships in farming and changes in the industry.


Most of Indian metro cities face a growing number of homeless people who don’t have any shelter.  However, the question arises why should people stay in big city if they don’t have any shelter for them in the city? If the homeless people don’t have any means of livelihood in cities which can buy the basics of regular life like shelter, sufficient food and clothing for their family, do they need to live in the cities? Is this life worth living?


The clear answer is NO; they shouldn’t continue to live on the pavements and road sides shivering in cold nights. They shouldn’t lead a humiliating life on the sparkling streets; on the contrary, they should go back to their native village or place and look towards exploring various income opportunities there. If opportunities are not available, then innovative opportunities should be created by the government, by the charitable trusts and by the intellectual people of the country like economists, businesses, corporate houses and various industries.


Work Opportunities At Grass Root Level -


A person who is ready to work hard, take challenges, and think out of box can find numerous ways of earning which will be sufficient for his family. Living and working in one’s own native place will be naturally more comfortable for any individual and he / she will be able to save more if compared to urban living expenses. Additionally, a systematic and efficient handing of this problem will ease out the extra strain on the urban facilities and systems like sanitation, transport and safety measures.


The Role of Government & NGOs for Homeless


Many NGOs are active and work for the homeless with government and public help; they offer shelters to the homeless and needy. However, this initiative of the NGOs can be debatable in some cases, for ex. when young homeless people are taking shelters at these centers instead of working hard to earn their own bread and butter. These shelters should be useful for the old and children and should not be for the young homeless who can work.


Government shelters are available in many cities at nominal charges or free of cost too. Rather than building ample shelters, government and NGOs should plan and execute programs to examine the conditions of homeless and why a particular person is living on the streets, why the person is not able to live at his/her native place and what can be done to offer the person a suitable livelihood.


Counseling the homeless, especially the young homeless to return to their home towns and find out various means of livelihood there would be the right answer to this crucial problem of homelessness.


Free or cheaper shelters in cities would encourage more homelessness instead of giving them a respectful and consistent way of earning the livelihood. As Gandhiji said, the real India lives in villages and when the villages progress and develop only then India will be developed in a true sense.


With the advancement of technology and means of communication, the world has come closer, creating diverse big and small employment opportunities for even the under-educated.


What we need is a thought-provoking initiative by intellectuals or privileged people who want to do something for their town-mates and the native place. Individuals who are willing to eradicate the homelessness can suggest means by which every person will have sufficient earning at his/her native place and would not migrate to urban areas or big cities in search of work.


Our initiative Come Home Business Opportunities (Aa Ab Lout Chale) tries to give a platform for people who are looking for ways to go back to their home place and settle down there. The platform aims to bring together those enthusiastic and willing people who want to do something helpful for the homeless and thus stop people from leaving their native town and wander in big cities in search of work and shelter.


Creating income opportunities in a constructive way would surely make a difference and stop this exodus of rural people to urban areas. Please visit Come Home Business Opportunities (Aa Ab Lout Chale) section and contribute your thoughts and ideas on how we together can bring a positive change in our society, maintain the beauty and essence of rural India while giving the rural people equal opportunities which their counterparts enjoy in urban areas.


If you know any homeless in your city or vicinity then gather all the information about him/her and provide same here. We together will find solution to convert homeless to homeowner.


The information needed is like..


Why is he/she homeless ? What does he/she do now ? What skills does he/she has ? what is his/her native town ? What does he/she would like to do ? All such basic information will assist in finding right help.



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